Hell-Week … Technological Anarchy

So, I’m just a 40-something professional (slave to the system) … and  wife …  and quasi-emptynester. Forty’s good, though … I’m cool with it. I look tired when I see myself in the mirror every morning…. My actual visible wrinkles have grown their own visible wrinkles… Ironically, it feels great to not give a rat’s ass. I really don’t.

I don’t know if everybody does this but I give themes or titles or chapters, if you will, to various out-standing segments of my life. For example, “The Summer of Summer” is… ……. um……… it was…….. shit…  Okay, I shouldn’t have started with The Summer of Summer… There’s no way to truly describeThe Summer of Summer…. you had to be there … The Summer of Summer is likely similar to spotting a unicorn …… glorious… surreal …. rare…  and no-one can prove it….

So The Summer of Summer is a bad example to start with …

But, still, you have to know what I mean by segments of your life that deserve official branding … or demarcation … like ….. “That week I charged up 15 thousand dollars on musical instruments.” Or “That flight that landed me in purgatory for 54 hours.” Or “That  year I proved I can live on beef-jerkey and sunflower seeds … indefintely…” Etc.

So, “hell week” pertains to a recent whacked-out seven days (plus) when I found myself fighting LITERALLY every form of technology, nervously navigating the hostile ocean of numerous unmanageable (and somewhat unpredictable) personalities on four fronts and tolerating to the point of recidivism ridiculous moderate-to-extreme assaults on my concentration … precipitously … (and edging me on to scary next-level frustration and potentially aggression). And that was only my morning commute.

That strange energy I witnessed on the interstate wasn’t exclusive either. I mean, “Hell-Week” definitely planted its analogical foot straight up the ass of every normally-functioning infrastructure I’ve learned to rely on.  It even affected my work computer, which behaved as if an un-named facetious, EMO-type ghost had completely taken over. In fact, all technologies seemed to rebel against effectiveness and order.

And it wasn’t just me and my computer! Innumerable times I stood in arms with my office manager as we plugged into the wall and unplugged a possessed copier that seemed to take on the personality of a scolded child pretending to be deaf, blind and mute in retaliation against office-working authority figures who had long-ago crossed the line of ingratitude (for months of uninterrupted service-on-demand).

… My calculator disappeared… Expensive ink pens refused to emit… florescent lights flickered… rain seeped in through non-existent cracks, puddling in bizarre locations… Seriously important “sent” emails ended up in the abyss … or they are literally circling a black hole in perpetual motion as I write this. It was as if a random, highly-energized force of nature had taken over the house/office in order to throw an anarchy-keg party to include my keyboard, mouse & some paper files.

Hell Week was definitely notable. I survived but I’m still totally perplexed. What was that all about? How did I survive the Interstate? How did the technology survive my wicked-abusive temperament with regard to expensive machinery that don’t act right… (I mean, I’ve literally thrown bad vacuum-cleaners into the neighbor’s yard.)

Oh well, it gave me something to blog about. And electronics were responding in that way during Hell Week, imagine  how maniacal the humans were! That’s a whole separate blog post…







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